Dec 8
SOLD! $9,050/ACRE

Sac County, Iowa Farmland Auction

  •   Dec 8 @ 10:30AM CST
    Selling a 71.47 Acre farm parcel located North of Lake View, IA in Section 23 of Wall Lake Township, Sac County, Iowa

    Nov 23
    SOLD! $5,750/ACRE


    •   Nov 23 @ 10:00AM CST
      Evangelical Church of America - Selling a bare 80 acre, m/l, parcel located West of Wall Lake, Iowa in Section 17 of Levey Township, Sac County.

      Nov 20
      SOLD! FARM 1: $9,000/ACRE FARM 2: $10,500/ACRE


      •   Nov 20 @ 10:00AM CST
      Pickhine, Sievers & Bittner: Selling a 83.87 acre farm located North of Wall Lake, IA. in Section 36 of Clinton Township & a 20 acre parcel located in the South part of Wall Lake, IA in Section 13 of Levey Township.

      Oct 29
      Farm 1: $9,900/Acre Farm 2a: $9,100/Acre Farm 2b: $8,700/Acre


      •   Oct 29 @ 10:00AM CDT
        IRWIN TRUSTS: 80 Acres in Section 26 of Logan Twp. & 150 +/- Acres in Section 4 of Union Twp. to sell at PUBLIC AUCTION

        Oct 2
        SOLD! $6,750/ACRE

        Sac County, Iowa Farm

        •   Oct 2 @ 10:00AM CDT
          A 143.67 acre +/- farm located south of Sac City, IA. Includes approx. 85.56 cropland acres with balance being in well established pastureland.

          Sep 18
          SOLD! FARM 1: $12,100/ACRE FARM 2: $10,200/ACRE FARM 3: $4,500/ACRE

          Crawford County, Iowa Land Auction

          •   Sep 18 @ 10:00AM CDT
            Selling a 216 +/- Acre farm located just West of Westside, Iowa in Section 14 of Westside Township, Crawford County, Iowa

            Sep 15
            SOLD! $7,900/ACRE

            Sac County, Iowa Land Auction

            •   Sep 15 @ 10:00AM CDT
              A good quality 115 +/- acre farm located North of Sac City, IA. in Section 33 of Douglas Township, Sac County, IA to be sold at Public Auction.

              Aug 21
              SOLD! $10,800/ACRE

              Calhoun County, Iowa Farmland

              •   Aug 21 @ 10:00AM CDT
                Selling a high quality 116 acre +/- , Jackson Township, Calhoun County, Iowa Farm

                Mar 27
                FARM1: $8,300/ACRE; FARM 2: $7,550/ACRE; FARM 3: $8,850/ACRE; FARM 4: $7,800/ACRE FARM 5: $7,800/ACRE; FARM 6: $7,625/ACRE; FARM 7: $8,150/ACRE; FARM 8: $7,950/ACRE FARM 9: $7,950/ACRE FARM 10: $7,750/ACRE; FARM 11: $8,000/ACRE

                Pocahontas County, Iowa Land Auction

                •   Mar 27 @ 10:00AM CDT
                  Selling 837 +/- acres of prime Pocahontas County, Iowa farmland which includes 11 parcels in Cedar, Colfax, Dover, Grant & Lincoln Townships.   SEE IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ON MAIN DETAILS PAGE!

                  Feb 28

                  Buena Vista County, Iowa Farmland Auction

                  •   Feb 28 @ 10:30PM CST
                    80 acre, m/l, farm located east of Newell, Iowa in Section 26 of Newell Township, Buena Vista County, Iowa

                    Jan 28

                    Clay County, Iowa Farmland Auction

                    •   Jan 28 @ 2:00PM CST
                      Selling a 153 acre farm located in Section 33 of Garfield Township, Clay County, Iowa Sale postponed due to weather – now to be conducted on Tuesday, January 28th

                      Jan 28

                      Sac County, Iowa Farmland Auction!

                      •   Jan 28 @ 10:00AM CST
                        A 76 acre parcel of farmland located in Section 15 of Douglas Township, Sac County, Iowa Sale Postponed due to weather conditions. Note New Date!!

                        Nov 22

                        Sac County, Iowa Farmland Auction!

                        •   Nov 22 @ 10:00AM MST
                          Selling a bare 65.97 acre parcel of farmland located Southeast of Sac City, IA in Section 5 of Coon Valley Township, Sac County, Iowa