Ida County, Iowa

Ida County, Iowa is located in West Central Iowa. According to the 2020 Census Ida County has a population of 7005. The towns located in Ida County include Arthur, Battle Creek, Galva, Holstein, and Ida Grove. The 12 Townships in Ida County include: Battle, Blaine, Corwin, Douglas, Galva, Garfield, Grant, Grigs, Hayes, Logan, Maple, and Silver Creek. Ida Grove is the County Seat of Ida County.

Ida County, Iowa Farm Information

Average CSR2 rating: 77.1

Average Farmland Value: $13,736/Acre (2023 Average)

Average Cash Rent: $334/acre (non-irrigated cropland)

Average Corn Yields: 213 bushel/acre 

Average Soybean Yields: 59 bushels/acre 

Primary Crops raised: Corn, soybeans

County website: Click HERE

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