Carroll County, Iowa

Carroll County, Iowa is located in West Central Iowa. According to the 2020 Census Carroll County has a population of 20,760. The towns located in Carroll County include Arcadia, Breda, Carroll, Coon Rapids, Dedham, Glidden, Halbur, Lanesboro, Lidderdale, Manning, Maple River, Mt. Carmel, Ralston, Templeton, and Willey. The 16 Townships in Carroll County include: Arcadia, Eden, Ewoldt, Glidden, Grant, Jasper, Kniest, Maple River, Newton, Pleasant Valley, Richland, Roselle, Sheridan, Union, Washington, and Wheatland. Carroll is the County Seat of Carroll County.

Carroll County, Iowa Farm Information

Average CSR2 rating: 76.5

Average Farmland Value: $13,710/Acre (2023 Average)

Average Cash Rent: $296/acre (non-irrigated cropland)

Average Corn Yields: 195 bushel/acre 

Average Soybean Yields: 57 bushels/acre 

Primary Crops raised: Corn, soybeans

County website: Click HERE

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