Aug 24
SOLD! $13,400/ACRE

Calhoun County Farmland Auction!

  •   Aug 24 @ 10:00am CDT
    Casey Graham: 48.88 +/- acres in Section 36 of Williams Township, Calhoun County. Auction will be held at the Lytton Legion Hall. If you plan to bid online please register at least 24 hours in advance to ensure you get approved to bid! The sales price will be $/Acre x 48.88 acres. 

    Aug 20
    SOLD! $17,600/Acre

    Carroll County, Iowa Farmland Auction

    •   Aug 20 @ 10:00am CDT
      Bromert Family: We will be selling 40 acres +/- located in Section 28 of Kniest Township, Carroll County, Iowa. The auction will be held at the American Legion Hall in Carroll, IA.

      Jul 27
      SOLD! $14,500/ACRE

      Ida County, IA Farmland Auction

      •   Jul 27 @ 10:00am CDT
        Scherner Farm: 69.44 acres in Section 31 of Galva Township, Ida County, Iowa. The auction will be held at the Lohff-Schuman Community Center in Holstein! The total sales price will be the high bid x 69.44 acres. If you are planning to bid online please register at least 24 hours in advance to ensure you get approved to bid! 

        Jul 23
        SOLD! PARCELS 1 & 2: $12,500/ACRE; PARCEL 3: $8,700/ACRE; PARCEL 4: $8,550/ACRE; PARCEL 5: $335,000

        Carroll County, IA Farmland & Acreage

        •   Jul 23 @ 9:00am CDT
        Ralph J. Bock Estate: 337.89 +/- acres of Carroll County, Iowa farmland and building site to be sold in 5 parcels. The auction will be held at the farm located at 26293 Timber Avenue, Glidden. If you are planning on bidding online please register at least 24 hours in advance to ensure you get approved to bid. 

        Jun 18
        SOLD! FARM 1: $16,200/ACRE FARM 2: $15,100/ACRE

        Carroll County Farmland Auction!

        •   Jun 18 @ 10:00am CDT
        Pille Family Farm: 2 parcels in Section 3 and Section 16, Maple Rive Township, Carroll County, Iowa.

        Jun 7
        SOLD! PARCEL 1: $11,400/ACRE PARCEL 2: $9,250/ACRE

        Buena Vista County Farmland Auction!

        •   Jun 7 @ 9:48am CDT
          Family of Janet M. Dreyer-Johnson, Owners: We will be selling 222.58 +/- acres in Section 27 of Lincoln Township, Buena Vista County, Iowa.

          Mar 26

          Calhoun County, Iowa Farmland Auction

          •   Mar 26 @ 10:00am CDT
          Schofield Farm: 122 acre farm located East of  Manson, Iowa in Section 2 of Lincoln Township, Calhoun County, Iowa. Includes approx. 92.56 acres of Cropland with balance being in pastureland.

          Feb 16
          SOLD! $13,000/ACRE

          Sac County, Iowa Farmland Auction!

          •   Feb 16 @ 10:30am CST
          Fred Wessendorf Estate: A choice 80 acre farm located in Section 24 of Clinton Township in Sac County, Iowa!

          Jan 29
          SOLD! $12,500/ACRE

          Sac County, Iowa Land Auction!

          •   Jan 29 @ 10:30am CST
          Emily Jean Blass Revocable Trust: 112 acres in Section 4 of Clinton Township, Sac County, Iowa! Click on Documents tab for sale bill, aerial photo, soil maps, and available tile information! We may be holding this auction in the parking lot of Spring Lake Country Club due to current COVID concerns. You will be able to bid from your vehicle or beside it. The clubhouse will still be open for restrooms, if internet service is not available we will be holding the auction inside but will require masks and social distancing. 

          Jan 27
          SOLD $ 9,100./ACRE

          Sac County, Iowa Farmland Auction!

          •   Jan 27 @ 10:30am CST
            Grace A. Lindsay Trust: 75.80 Acres in Section 5 of Douglas Township, Sac County, Iowa to be sold at Public Auction! 

            Dec 8
            SOLD! $9,050/ACRE

            Sac County, Iowa Farmland Auction

            •   Dec 8 @ 10:30am CST
              Selling a 71.47 Acre farm parcel located North of Lake View, IA in Section 23 of Wall Lake Township, Sac County, Iowa

              Nov 23
              SOLD! $5,750/ACRE

              SAC COUNTY IOWA FARM

              •   Nov 23 @ 10:00am CST
                Evangelical Church of America - Selling a bare 80 acre, m/l, parcel located West of Wall Lake, Iowa in Section 17 of Levey Township, Sac County.

                Nov 20
                SOLD! FARM 1: $9,000/ACRE FARM 2: $10,500/ACRE


                •   Nov 20 @ 10:00am CST
                Pickhine, Sievers & Bittner: Selling a 83.87 acre farm located North of Wall Lake, IA. in Section 36 of Clinton Township & a 20 acre parcel located in the South part of Wall Lake, IA in Section 13 of Levey Township.

                Oct 29
                Farm 1: $9,900/Acre Farm 2a: $9,100/Acre Farm 2b: $8,700/Acre


                •   Oct 29 @ 10:00am CDT
                  IRWIN TRUSTS: 80 Acres in Section 26 of Logan Twp. & 150 +/- Acres in Section 4 of Union Twp. to sell at PUBLIC AUCTION

                  Oct 2
                  SOLD! $6,750/ACRE

                  Sac County, Iowa Farm

                  •   Oct 2 @ 10:00am CDT
                    A 143.67 acre +/- farm located south of Sac City, IA. Includes approx. 85.56 cropland acres with balance being in well established pastureland.