Wissler Estate Gun Auction #1



    Large private gun, ammunition, and accessory collection

    Public Auction

    Saturday, September 10th, 2022    at: 10 AM

    Located: Sac County Fairgrounds in the 4-H Building, Sac City, IA



    Ruger Mark II Target, 22LR pistol, serial #21033685

    Springfield Armory Omega 1911 10mm pistol, A-1, box, serial #NM61865

    Taurus Judge 410 revolver, box, serial #JT657815

    Ruger MKIII, 22lr pistol, Firefield site, Serial #273-26520

    Ruger SR 1911 45 auto, Serial #671-17172

    Para-Ordnance P13-45 pistol, 45, serial #RN7305

    Ruger GP100, .44 special revolver, 3" +/- barrel, Serial #178-46546

    Ruger Single 6 .22 revolver, serial #60-65181

    Colt MK IV Series 80 Government Model pistol, 45 acp?, serial # FR03363E

    Ruger Single 6, 32 H&R mag revolver, serial #650-22592

    Thompson Center Pro Hunter Encore 22-250 pistol, single shot, with Burris scope, Serial #maj3826

    Beretta Model U22 NEOS, Pheasants Forever 22lr pistol, serial #T35472

    Remington XP-100 6mm BR, left handed thumb hole stock, right handed bolt action, Serial #B7511789

    Remington XP-100, 7mm pistol, serial #B7511789

    Ruger SR22, 22lr pistol,serial #36011778

    Waffenfabrik mauser oberndorf pistol, in wood case and leather holster

    Colt New Frontier Buntline .22 revolver

    Colt New Frontier .22 revolver

    Ruger New Model Blackhawk .357 Maximum Cal. Revolver, serial #600-04023

    UZI model 45, .45 ACP, semi auto, with sling, serial #007593


    Ruger 10-22, 22LR with Bushnell scope, serial #245-14105

    Wards Western Field 04m489b, 22lr

    Magnum Research Model MLR-1722M, 22 WMR, with Nikon scope, sling, bipod. Serial #086797

    Noreen BBN-223, 223, with sling, bipod, Leupold VX-Freedom scope, Serial #N4135

    Ruger 1022 LH, 22lr, Serial #245-33603, with bruris scope, thumbhole stock

    Remington Model 03-A3, 30.06, serial #3715262

    Ruger Blackhawk 10mm revolver, extra cylinder, box, serial #61100069

    Remington 1187 Special Purpose12 gauge, 2 3/4 or 3", Serial #PC410833

    Thompson Center Encore 209x50 Magnum muzzle loader, With Aetec scope, left handed thumb hole stock

    Remington Model 700LH, 300 rem ultra mag, left handed, with sling, Aetec scope, muzzle break, Serial #E6717267

    Remington 870 LW Wingmaster Magnum, Serial # S905244U

    Spikes Tactical ST 15 rifle, multiple calibers, Serial #30050, with scope

    Eagle Arms M15 A2, 5.56mm, with sling, Simmons Scope, Serial #36771

    Remington 870 Wingmaster Magnum 12 gauge, serial #x313117m

    Winchester Model 90, 22 wrf, serial #388223

    Thompson Center Contender rifle, with scope, Serial #206562

    Thompson Center MGM 17 Win Super mag, thumbhole stock, single shot, serial # 206562

    Remington Model 700, .17 REM, with Leupold Vari-x-II 6.5x20 scope, serial #B6508891

    Remington 870LW Wingmaster Magnum 20 gauge, 2 3/4 or 3", slug barrel, with sling. Serial #W258077U

    Remington 700LH 240 WBY, left handed, with scope. Serial #A6853616

    Ruger M77 Hawkeye 204 ruger, left handed, with sling and Simmons scope, Serial #711-06790

    Winchester Model 70, 7mm rem mag, left handed, stainless barrel with muzzle break, with Simmons Aetec 2.8-10x44 scope, serial #G178593

    Steyer 1897 Kreg-Jorgensen, sporterized, serial #36586

    Winchester Model 18920 44-40 win. Serial #07NP700072

    Remington 700LH, 722-08 REM, with burris scope and sling, Serial #C6493825

    Remington 870 Express Super Magnum Ducks Unlimited 12 gauge, synthetic, serial #C491287AZ

    Remington Model 700LH, 223, left handed, thumbhole stock, bipod, scope, Serial # E6716093

    CTME C93 Sporter, 5.56mm, sling, limbsaver, scope, Serial #C9307301

    Remington 870 12 gauge, extended mag tube, with Simmons scope and sling, serial # n/a

    Remington 700 Left handed 17 REM Fireball with Simmons scope, bipod, synthetic stock, serial # 66691953

    Savage Model 93 22WMR, left handed, with sling, Tasco scope, Serial #0075776

    Remington 870 12 gauge, 2 3/4 or 3" pistol grip, sling, home defense model, serial #rf73213a

    Remington 700LH 22-250, left handed, with sling and Burris scope. Serial #c6770934

    Armalite AE-104A, 7.62 mm, bipod, sling, Simmons Aetec scope, serial #54037

    Remington Model 14 'The Gamemaster' .32 Rem, pump action, Serial #14146

    Winchester Model 70, left handed, 375 H&H Mag, with leather sling, Classic Super Express, Serial #G289172

    Remington 870 Wingmaster Magnum, 12 gauge, synthetic, light on pump, Serial #T395168M

    Armalite AR-50L 50bmg, with bipod, left handed, with 8x32 scope

    Winchester 1885 Low Wall 17 wsm, with Burris 4x12 scope, ocatagon barrel, serial #00157ZT85B

    Remington 514 22 Long Rifle Shot, bolt action

    Remington Model 511x Scoremaster, 22 short. long. or Long rifle,

    Remington 512-x Sportmaster, 22 short. long, or long rifle, bolt action

    DPMS Panther LR-308, 308 cal, with Nikon M-308 scope, sling, bipod, Serial #FFK010859

    Winchester Model 1895, 30-40 Craig, lever action, Serial #00145zm956

    Remington 700LH, stainless barrel, Burris Lazer Scope, Coldwell bipod, serial #A6587375

    Remington 511 The Scoremaster, 22 short, long, or long rifle,

    Remington 11-87 Premier 12 gauge, serial #P0442505

    Remington Model 12-A pump action rifle, 22 short or long, Serial #541132

    Remington Model 700LH, .243, left handed, with sling, bipod, scope, Serial #C6770447

    Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge, 2 3/4, Serial #T681868V

    Interarms Model 65 SRC lever action rifle. Serial #AM05216

    AK 47 5.45x39mm, plastic grip, serial #32-01533-99

    Sears Roebuck 16 gauge Ranger, parts gun

    AK 47, 5.56x45mm, serial #S3-02688-2000

    Winchester Model 88 .243 lever action, open sights, serial #62367


    There will be 100’s of new & used magazines

    Several Gun cases

    1000’s of rounds of ammunition

    HUGE selection of reloading equipment

    Many other items not unpacked yet!


    Auctioneer’s note: This will be auction number 1 of 3 for this estate. There will be THOUSANDS of rounds of various ammunition sold at each auction! There are MANY unique and rare firearms & accessories! Seller requires all bidders MUST have a valid I.D. and permit to purchase or permit to carry to purchase ANY firearm, with no exceptions!  Gun descriptions not guaranteed by Auction Company & subject to verification at auction

    Terms: Cash; Photo ID required w/checks   Not responsible for accidents

    Jeffrey Wissler Estate, Owner

    Auctioneers & Clerks:

    Green Real Estate & Auction Co.

    Sac City, IA., 712-662-7317

    Mike Green & Jim Green, Auctioneers